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Why Dyneema®?

Dyneema® is a wonderful material. It's properties make it the perfect fit for a lot of applications. Learn more about it below!


Dyneema® is most known for its low stretch and high tensile strength. However there is more to this material than you might think. We have compiled a list of the most important characteristics:

  • extremely low stretch

  • ultra high strength to weight ratio

  • low creep

  • low water absorption

  • good UV resistance

  • good resistance to chemicals

  • low coefficient of friction

  • remains soft after high loads

SoftShackleShop uses Dyneema® SK78, with extreme strength and low stretch & creep properties. Loaded at 50% of the breaking strength, our DSK78 only stretches an impressive 1.90%.


Due to its high tensile strength and extremely low stretch, Dyneema® fibers are often used in halyards, sheets or even in sails themselves. Outside of sailing, Dyneema® fibers are also used in ballistic materials like bulletproof vests etc.

For sailing purposes, Dyneema® is used in lines that are required to be strong, lightweight, low-stretch, and durable. Almost all racing yachts use Dyneema® lines, but it is also commonly used on cruising and leisure yachts.

The properties of Dyneema® make it a perfect material for soft shackles and loops, etc. We have compared stainless steel shackles to our soft shackles, and compiled the following list of comparisons:​

Screenshot 2020-12-15 at 17.12.49.png

Interested in Dyneema® products? Check them out in our store!

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