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Dyneema® Loop

Ultra strong 100% Dyneema® loops. Great for use as lashings for blocks, etc. These loops come in different sizes and diameters. View the Product Specifications for more information on sizes and strength.

Dyneema® Loop

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  • Material: 100% SK78 Dyneema®
    Diameter: 2mm-8mm. Larger diameters upon request.

    Diameter Size Length MBL*
    2mm Small 10cm 450kg
      Medium 15cm 450kg
      Large 20cm 450kg
    3mm Small 10cm 900kg
      Medium 15cm 900kg
      Large 20cm 900kg
    4mm Small 15cm 1400kg
      Medium 20cm 1400kg
      Large 25cm 1400kg
    5mm Small 20cm 2400kg
      Medium 25cm 2400kg
      Large 30cm 2400kg
    6mm Small 20cm 3200kg
      Medium 25cm 3200kg
      Large 30cm 3200kg
    8mm Small 25cm 5600kg
      Medium 30cm 5600kg
      Large 35cm 5600kg

    *Minimum Breaking Load. This is an indication and should be used with caution. As a standard, a safety factor of 2:1 should be used.

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